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Elections for Meridian Ranch Metro District & Meridian Service Metro District Boards of Directors
May 2, 2023

At their regular meetings on December 7, 2022, the Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District, Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District 2018 Subdistrict, and Meridian Service Metropolitan District adopted resolutions concerning the regular Board of Directors elections to be held May 2, 2023. At those elections, three positions on both of the 5-member boards will be open, with each of those positions having a 4-year term. You can see more details about the upcoming election in the materials linked below.

Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District

Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District ("MRMD") is what is commonly called a financing District. MRMD does not provide any services to residents, but was established to issue the debt to finance the improvements that serve the community. The debt is then paid off over time by the sale of water and sewer taps, and property taxes.  MRMD has arranged for the provision of all necessary services through an intergovernmental agreement with Meridian Service Metropolitan District. Membership on the Board of Directors of MRMD is open to residents of the Meridian Ranch community.

Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District 2023 Call for NominationsMRMD & 2018SD Resolution 22-03 Regular Election May 2, 2023Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District 2023 Transparency Notice - Notice to Electors

Meridian Service Metropolitan District

Meridian Service Metropolitan District ("MSMD") provides services including water, wastewater, parks & grounds, and recreation to the residents of Meridian Ranch. MSMD is funded through monthly fees paid by residents, and by fees it charges to builders of new homes and businesses in Meridian Ranch. Some of that funding is transferred to MRMD to service its debt, and some is used to fund the operations of the District's facilities, such as wells, pipelines, wastewater treatment facilities, parks & grounds, and the Meridian Ranch Recreation Center. Until all of the available home sites in Meridian Ranch have been developed, membership on the Board of Directors of MSMD is open to a limited number of candidates who meet specific qualifications.

Meridian Service Metropolitan District 2023 Call for NominationsMSMD Resolution 22-05 Regular Election May 2, 2023Meridian Service Metropolitan District 2023 Transparency Notice - Notice to Electors


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