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Does the District handle our homeowner landscaping guidelines or covenants? 

No, all guidelines related to landscaping and covenants for homeowners are handled by the Warren Management Group. It's important to know that the District does provide the landscaping and maintenance of the common areas in Meridian Ranch, but that it is not involved in residential property owner covenant guidelines.

How do I get a copy of our covenants? 

You can download the Meridian Ranch landscaping covenants here.

Is there a charge for my initial landscaping design? 

While there is not a charge for original landscape design review, a nominal fee will be charged for subsequent design reviews to include playground equipment, storage facilities, change of paint color, etc.

How are the Community Covenants & Restrictions enforced? 

The Design Review Councils are independent non-profit corporations and are funded by a current annual fee of $115.00 paid by each resident.

How do I contact the Design Review Council? 

First, note there are two, so it depends on where you live. Consult the boundary map. If you live within the coverage area of Design Council No. 1, call: 719.685.8727. If you live within the coverage area of Design Council No. 2, call: 719.685.8728. View the DRC website.

Are there parks within the community? 

The community includes trail systems, parkways and neighborhood parks. Seven neighborhood parks, The Greens Park, Fairway Heights Park, Double Eagle Park, Stonebridge Park, Longview Park, The Vistas Park and WindingWalk Park are completed and ready for use.

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