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Tap and Meter Connections

Water & Wastewater Taps and Meter Set Procedures

Following is the procedure for the collection and handling of all Tap and Meter Set fees within Meridian Service Metropolitan District.

  • Tap Fees and Meter Set fees are paid directly to MSMD. Payments must be paid via wire or ACH transfer or (if arranged in advance) can be paid in person using certified funds at the District office at 11886 Stapleton Drive, Peyton, CO 80831.
  • Please complete the Tap Request Form and email to at least 2 business days in advance of your need for a Tap Fee Receipt. Please include a copy of the settlement statement for the lot for which you are purchasing a tap.
  • Upon receipt of Tap Request Form and the settlement statement, the total due & payable to MSMD, along with the wire/ACH instructions will be sent to the requestor. Please send a verification of funds paid to Once the funds are verified as received, MSMD will issue the Tap Fee Receipt.
  • Once issued, the Tap Fee Receipt is valid for the specific property address for which the Tap Fee was paid. Tap Fees are not transferable and will remain linked to the property address. MSMD will email a copy of the Tap Fee Receipt to the builder and mail the original copy. If prior arrangements are made, the receipt can be picked up at the local office. All Tap Fees paid have an “Activation Period” of 1 year from the date tap is purchased through the meter set day.
  • When the property is ready to have the meter set, complete the Request for Meter Set form, and email to a minimum of 2 business days prior to the desired set date.  Meter MUST be installed prior to closing. MSMD will verify that the tap receipt date is still within the “Activation Period”. MSMD staff will contact the builder with an installation appointment time. If the tap fee receipt is outside the 1 year “Activation Period”, the difference between the tap fee originally paid and the tap fee rate on the current MSMD Fee Schedule will be payable to MSMD before the request for meter set will be honored. Once the meter is set, the tap is activated, and services for billing will be established.
  • Builders are limited to having 10 taps in the “Activation Period” at any one time.

For additional information regarding Tap Fees or Meter Set Fees, please email:

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