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Streetlights, Roads, & Snow Information

Streetlight & Road Maintenance 

Who designs and builds the roads in Meridian Ranch? 

The Meridian Service Metropolitan District (District) is responsible for the design and construction of certain roads within as well as surrounding Meridian Ranch. These roads include Londonderry Drive, Lambert Road, Rex Road and Stapleton Drive. All of the District's roads are designed to El Paso County's standards and are considered to be arterial and collector roads.

All the residential roads are designed and constructed by the Meridian Ranch Developer and are maintained by the El Paso County Department of Public Works. For additional information, see

Who maintains both the District- and developer-built roads? 

All the roads in the Meridian Ranch community are maintained by the El Paso County Department of Public Works. The County provides the snow removal, roadway modifications, street sweeping, striping, signage, and pothole repairs.

For additional information on roadway repairs or El Paso County Department of Public Works projects please call 719-520-6460 or visit the El Paso County Department of Public Works website.

Snow Information and Schedules 

Snow closures and delayed openings of the Meridian Ranch Recreation Center occur on the same days as the School District 49 closures and delayed starts. The District performs snow removal on public trails Monday-Friday during business hours and the El Paso County Department of Public Works removes snow from County roads, including roads in Meridian Ranch. Residents are required to remove snow from sidewalks adjacent to their houses. For additional information, please visit the following website:

My streetlight isn't working. Who do I contact? 

Should you discover a streetlight that isn't operating, please contact Mountain View Electric Association Member Services Department at 719-495-2283. MVEA's operating hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:00 am-5:30 pm. The electricity and maintenance for the streetlights in Meridian Ranch are paid for by Meridian Ranch residents through the MSMD service fees.

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