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Mike Fenton

Position: Secretary, Meridian Service Metro District
Term: Term Expires May 2027

I was born and raised in Southeastern Massachusetts and became involved in building and development at an early age, passing my contractors license exam on my 18th birthday,  I have held a contractor’s license in at least one state ever since. I married my wife Kelli in 1995 and moved to Colorado Springs in 1996 to get away from the bugs and humidity, raised two children here that are off on their own now but both graduated from Falcon High School. I still run homebuilding and development operations in El Paso County and have lived in Meridian Ranch since 2011. I passed my class C Colorado water operators test in 2007 but chose to stay in my current career path. My land development and landscaping knowledge drew me to serve on the district board in 2012 and I have served ever since. I truly care about Meridian Ranch, our water and sewer services along with our parks and recreation, and I do not plan to move for a long time. I believe that integrity and ingenuity are two of the best traits I have. In my free time, I golf, travel, make furniture and work on my classic Camaro. I am a 20 year director of the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs and a past director of the Better Business Bureau Foundation of Colorado Springs. I enjoy giving my time for the best interest of our community.

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