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Rec Center Upcoming Events and Activities

Community Garage Sale flyer: June 15-16. Illustrations of a teddy bear, blender, pot, and measuring jug. Listing and maps info included.
A flyer for Meridian Ranch Recreation Center's Summer Sport Camps for kids aged 7-12, with dates, times, sports listed, and fees.
A colorful flyer for a Parent’s Night Out event on April 12th and 26th for ages 5-12, detailing activities like pizza, snacks, a movie, and pool.
A flyer for a youth volleyball league indicating dates, practice times, age groups, fees, and registration period.
May contain: text and calendar
A poster for "Active Older Adults Game Day" at Meridian Ranch Rec Center, featuring board games and card games.
May contain: advertisement, poster, and person
A poster for "Fly Swatter Volleyball," a game played with a chair, balloon, and fly-swatter, scheduled for Fridays.
May contain: advertisement, poster, ball, basketball, basketball (ball), sport, clothing, footwear, shoe, person, football, soccer, and soccer ball
May contain: sport, sports, and ball
May contain: poster and advertisement
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