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Recreation Center FAQs

What recreational facilities are available? 

The Meridian Ranch Recreation Center is owned by the District and is located at the corner of Londonderry Drive and Angeles Road. It includes a fitness/aerobics center, activity rooms, indoor gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, and an indoor swimming pool. The indoor pool features a children's splash area, slide, lap lanes, lazy river, lily pads, and an ADA pool lift chair. The outdoor pool features a slide, graduated-sloped bottom, children's area and lap lanes.

Who can use the recreational facilities? 

All Meridian Ranch homeowners and their families are eligible to use the Meridian Ranch recreational facilities. Guests can also use the facilities when escorted by a Meridian Ranch resident. A limited number of guest passes are permitted per year per household. Please visit the recreation center or call 719.495.7119 for details. Non-resident monthly membership use of the facilities and programs is on a space available basis and requires the payment of out-of-district fees as established from time to time.

Why are non-residents allowed to participate in fee-based programs? 

Allowing non-residents to participate in fee-based programs helps cover the costs associated with offering such programs and increases the number of participants that provides for a better experience for our residents (i.e. having enough participants to make sports teams). Residents are allowed to register for fee-based programs several weeks prior to non-residents. Additionally, non-residents are charged a higher fee than the resident rate.

Can Meridian Ranch residents use the Woodmen Hills Recreation Center, and vice versa? 

A separate metropolitan district owns each recreation center. Residents of each community pay the park and recreation fee to the district in which they reside. Therefore, they do not have resident privileges to use both facilities. However, because Meridian Ranch and Woodmen Hills provide fee-based programs at both facilities, residents of both communities pay the resident price for these fee-based programs regardless of which recreation center is offering the program.

Who do I contact if exercise equipment needs repair? 

If you find that a piece of equipment needs service, please notify the on-site staff immediately and they will schedule the repair with the equipment contractor.

Who makes the policies, procedures and rules for the Recreation Center? 

All policies, procedures and rules for the facility are decided by the District's Board of Directors. Most of the standards in place are for the safety and protection of residents, guests, staff, and program participants. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any facility and/or program, policies, procedures, or rules please direct your question to the staff.

Who is responsible for the recreation center's repairs, improvements and landscape? 

The District manages all major facility repairs, improvements, and landscaping. As the management for the recreation center, the recreation center staff addresses the day-to-day maintenance issues such as facility cleanliness, touch-up paint, pool chemical maintenance, clogged toilets and lighting. If you identify a problem, please notify a staff member and he/she will either take care of the issue or notify the District.

Who determines the days and times of the operations of the recreation center? 

The Districts' Board of Directors (with resident input) determines when the recreation center is open for business. The days and times of operation are based on the recreation center's utilization.

Who is responsible for distributing information regarding the Recreation Center to the residents of Meridian Ranch? 

Meridian Service Metropolitan District provides Recreation Center usage, and program information, through residents "Member Portal." This member portal can be accessed at There is also facility and program flyers located at the Recreation Center. For more information regarding recreation programs, contact the Rec Center at 719.495.7119.

Are there parks within the community? 

The community includes trail systems, parkways and eight neighborhood parks: The Greens Park, Fairway Heights Park, Double Eagle Park, Stonebridge Park, Longview Park, The Vistas Park, WindingWalk Park, and Rolling Hills Ranch Park.

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