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Reward for Information on Vandalism to District Property

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$1,000 Reward. Report the vandals. Stop the vandalism.

When District-owned property is vandalized, all residents of the community pay the price. We are finding that repair, replacement, and repainting is taking a major toll on our budget and as a reminder, it is our residents that fund our operations. District-owned property that can be damaged by vandalism includes playground equipment, monument signs, the Recreation Center building and grounds, retaining walls and concrete trails, streetlights, and fences.

To assist in putting an end to acts of vandalism, Meridian Service Metropolitan District (MSMD) offers a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone graffitiing, vandalizing, destroying, or stealing MSMD property.

We strongly encourage you to notify the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to file a report when you witness acts of vandalism. Call the Sheriff's Office using their non-emergency phone number at (719) 390-5555.

Because the District is the owner of the community's public property, the District must also submit a police report. To notify the District of damage and report any relevant information, please complete the brief online at the "Contact Us" link above. If possible, please include photos of the damage, and the names and home addresses of suspected perpetrators and their accomplices. Our staff will work with the Sheriff's Office from there.

Whether or not you witness the crime, as you encounter new evidence of vandalism or destruction of MSMD property, please contact us or complete the online form below, so we are aware of new problems and can remedy them.

You may reach the District at (719) 495-6567 or through the "Contact Us" link above.

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