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Richard Wenzel

My name is Richard Wenzel and I'm a loving husband and father with a beautiful family. I'm a Department of Defense contractor for the Military and work for a company named Jacob technologies.

I strive everyday to be the best, positive and Christian person I can be. I love to help people when I know that they are being wronged. I am not an incumbent, but I am a people person and want to improve and change the things that are going on in our community and give a voice back to the people. I want people to express their concern to me. We don't need anymore talking, we need more action if things are going to change around here.

What I want in life is to become a leader in my place of business as a Department of Defense contractor at Jacob Technologies. I'm a 50 year old gentleman with many years of experience and a good head on my shoulders to achieve greatness. A hobby of mine is working on cars like Camaro's.

What I find interesting about myself that other people may find weird is that I have a problem with being a perfectionist and not stopping until my job is done, accurate and for the better. Thank you.

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