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Ryan Flood

Hello, I currently reside in Rolling Hills and am running for a board position in the Meridian Ranch Metro District. I am running so that I may serve and provide transparent and accountable leadership for our district.

To provide a brief background, I currently work as a Program Manager for Collins Aerospace. My daily role is to manage and stick to an accountable budget. Previously, I worked for a non-profit with our stated mission to hold state and local governments accountable. I have dug into many budgets to shine light on poor and irresponsible spending. I will make sure that the developer and builders are holding up their end of the development requirements as well as the costs of the district expansion. These keep being passed off to the residents as fees and dues increases. I will ensure this process is fair for all parties instead of us shouldering the burden, especially in this period of rising costs of living. I respectfully ask for your vote.

I am not in any way associated with the developer or any of the builders in Meridian Ranch. I believe it is critical that we elect more board members that do not have ties that may run counter to our community’s interests. I also believe it to be in conflict that some current board members are on both the Metro and Service districts as they exist to be a check and balance of each other.

Your Neighbor,
Ryan Flood

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