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About Us

Meridian Service Metropolitan District (the District) was established in 2000 to provide the master planned community of Meridian Ranch with dependable water, wastewater, storm-water, parks, trails and recreational amenities. The District is dedicated to ensuring that the services we provide and maintain, now and in the future, are of the highest quality for Meridian Ranch residents and business owners to enjoy.

This website offers residents and business owners information about the District's programs and services within the community. The Meridian Ranch development consists of 2,650 acres and, at full build-out, a proposed 5,000 residential units, four schools, a golf course and commercial property. Currently, Meridian Ranch schools and amenities consist of the Meridian Ranch Elementary School, the Falcon High School, the Antler Creek Golf Course, Madera’s Grill and Cantina, eight neighborhood parks, 24 miles of trails and parkways, the 42,000 square-foot Recreation Center and the Lodge at Stonebridge. For more information on the Meridian Ranch development, please visit

Meridian Ranch is located in a southwestern, semi-arid climate zone. We believe it is extremely important that all citizens are informed of the many options and challenges that come with providing clean water as well as attractive park and trail landscaping. The District is dedicated to keeping the water affordable, streetlights lit, parks clean, and wastewater discharge environmentally safe. But, we need everyone's help. By all of us being good stewards of our wonderful amenities, the Meridian Ranch community will continue to flourish for decades to come.

There are actually two special districts (Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District and Meridian Service Metropolitan District) working for the Meridian Ranch development. Having more than one district is actually quite common when developing a large master-planned community like Meridian Ranch. In this case, one District is for financing and the second is the Meridian Service Metropolitan District which provides the services to the community.

The Meridian Service Metropolitan District is the “Service District” providing the water, wastewater (sanitation sewer) services, parks, trails, recreation facilities, and streetlights for the Meridian Ranch Community.

The other District is the Meridian Ranch Metropolitan District, which is the “Financing District” and does not provide any services to the community. This District contains almost all of the property within the development and uses a limited property tax to pay for the infrastructure and amenities within the community.

By having two Districts, the property owners can be assured that the development, as it was master planned, can provide the levels of service desired throughout the community.



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