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Billing FAQ

What do I do if my services are interrupted for nonpayment? 

If an account becomes past due and no payment or arrangement for payment is made, a “Shut-Off Notice” is mailed to the customer and water service is terminated with no additional notification. If you receive a “Shut-Off Notice”, please contact the District immediately. If the water is shut-off, the account must be paid in full prior to reconnection of services.

Why is there a fee to “shut off” the water? 

When an account is past due, and there has been no arrangement for payment, the water is shut off. The water service shut-off fee is charged, per occurrence, to have the water turned back on. That's why it is important to contact the District immediately should your account become past due.

Why is there a fee to “turn on” the water service? 

There is a fee, per occurrence, to turn on the water service because a District operator must physically turn the water service back on.

Why is there a fee for delinquent payments? 

Just like any other utility, delinquent payments incur a late fee. The fee is assessed every time the account is not paid when it is due.

Why is there a fee for a returned check? 

The District charges a fee for every returned check to cover the administrative and bank costs it incurs from bad checks.

Is there a fee to transfer account service? 

There is a per occurrence fee to transfer accounts for payment purposes to cover the District's administrative costs. Please complete the Closing & Escrow Instructions form and return it as noted on the form instructions:

Closing and Escrow Instructions 09.15.23.pdf


What is meter tampering and why is the fine so high? 

Meter tampering includes any altering, relocating or willfully damaging or bypassing a water meter. It is a criminal offense to tamper with water meters. Any person caught meter tampering will be charged with a “Meter Tampering Penalty” fee, a cost to re-establish the water service, and must pay to repair any damages it caused.


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