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Your Meridian Service Metro District Monthly Bill

For billing questions, or if you would like to receive your monthly bill via email, contact the District's billing contractor, Community Resource Services (CRS) at (303) 381-4960 or (719) 495-5152, or email Payment for the month prior is due by the 25th of the following month. Accounts that remain unpaid after the following month's 25th date are assessed a late fee.

How to Pay Your Bill

  • Drop off a check or money order at the MSMD office at 11886 Stapleton Dr, Peyton, CO 80831, in The Shops at Meridian Ranch.
  • When you receive your bill in the mail or via email, return it with a check or money order payable to Meridian Service Metropolitan District (MSMD). Return it to MSMD, 7995 E. Prentice Ave. Suite 103E Greenwood Village, CO 80111.
  • Pay your bill online here: Meridian Service Metro District - Utilities Inquiries & Online Bill Pay (
  • You can automatically pay your MSMD bill via a monthly draft from your bank account. Complete and return the ACH Authorization form
Meridian Service Metro District 2024 Fee Schedule (revised bulk water rate section 3/19/2024)


Sewer (Wastewater) Fee 

The set monthly fee for wastewater treatment is used to pay for the collection and purification of all the water that flows from households in Meridian Ranch. It is the water that flows from your drains and toilets that must be treated so it can be recirculated into the environment safely.

Water Fees 

The Water Resource Fee is a flat monthly fee ($39.42 in 2024) to help financially secure the community's future water supply. Like many water providers in Colorado, MSMD collects a water resource fee to enable it to purchase additional raw water as the community grows.

The monthly Water Use Fee ($20.60 for the first 5,000 gallons of water used each month in 2024) is for the operational costs of water storage, treatment, and supply. Unlike most water districts, it also includes the first tier of water.

The District's water rates (based on an average household) are calculated on a graduated scale, what are called tiers. Basically, the more water a household uses, the more they pay per thousands of gallons. By using tiered rates, the average household doesn't pay the incremental costs for those homes (very few) that use more than their fair share of water.

Residential use at high levels generally indicates water is being consumed in unusually high amounts, beyond what is normally required for household use, even for a larger family. These high levels of consumption cost the District more to purchase, store, treat, maintain facilities and distribute so these costs incurred at the higher tiers are passed onto the households that use the most water.

Recreation Fee 

There is a monthly fee of to cover the maintenance of all Parks, Recreation, Open Space, Trails, Entry Features and Drainage facilities. This fee also includes usage of the Meridian Ranch Recreation Center by anyone living in Meridian Ranch.

Street Lighting Fee 

The Street Lighting Fee is to ensure that street lights are maintained and operating properly.

Other Fees 

If an account becomes past due and no payment or arrangement for payment is made, a “Shut-Off Notice” is mailed to the customer and water service is terminated with no additional notification. If you receive a “Shut-Off Notice”, please contact the District immediately. If the water is shut off, the account must be paid, along with the water shut-off fee, in full prior to reconnection of services. There is also a fee, per occurrence, to turn on the water service because a District operator must physically turn the water service back on.

A late fee is assessed every time the account is not paid when it is due. The District also charges a fee for every returned check to cover the administrative and bank costs it incurs from bad checks.

There is a per occurrence fee to transfer accounts for payment purposes to cover the District's administrative costs. Please complete the Closing & Escrow Instructions form and return it as noted on the form instructions.

Meter tampering includes any altering, relocating or willfully damaging or bypassing a water meter. It is a criminal offense to tamper with water meters. Any person caught meter tampering will be charged with a “Meter Tampering Penalty” fee, a cost to re-establish the water service, and must pay to repair any damages it caused.

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